At the mercy of a lost phone, two characters will intertwine as their friends attempt to figure out, 'What's on that phone'.


In 'Missing Phone' we find a mysterious man, Frank, crawling through his apartment in search of a phone. He listens intently as the vibrating noise whispers in his room. At the same time, he receives calls from an outside entity who pressures him to find the phone, and quick. Meanwhile, a married but collapsing couple argue outside a local mart. We find the husband, Bill, to be furious at his wife, Nancy, for losing what were $120 tickets to an unmentioned event and thus ruining their anniversary. As they argue, Bill tells Nancy to call for someone in the event that their anniversary had been ruined. But as she looks through her purse, she can't find her phone and becomes deeply worried. Meanwhile, Frank is searching for the phone and while this happens, his boss, who is established as Don, pressures him to find the phone quickly before facing dire consequences. Meanwhile, we learn Nancy was on her way to a business meeting when a bike messenger made her unknowingly drop her phone. Frank also tells Don that he had picked up the phone on the sidewalk before it was lost. From here, an all out, quickly paced war to find out what's on the phone takes place. Nancy knows who has her phone, but doesn't want Bill to know. Naturally, Bill pressures Nancy to tell him what's on the phone. Meanwhile, the time is ticking for Frank to find the phone. Don becomes more and more hopeless in Frank. Nancy begins to think about her relationship with Bill and leaves him. But Frank finds the phone too late. He opens a message revealing of an affair with him and Nancy. Afterward, Don reminds Frank of his duty, essentially firing him as he was to 'do something' to Nancy after they were established to be together. The film ends with a call from Nancy to Frank. Finally, Nancy asks, "Did you get those tickets I sent you?"

IB HL Final Film -- 2012-2013
Director - Neil Chan
Sound Mixer
Don (Voice)
Production Designer

Cast ~
Christian Caddali - Frank
Laneah Hubshman - Nancy
Austin Rezentes - Bill
Neil Chan - Don (Voice)

This film was shot and edited in a week and a half and I'd like to thank everyone who helped me out in finishing this film!

HIFF (Hawaii International Film Festival) Entry -- 2013

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