Ascend is a feature film about a Diego and his band of artistic friends overcoming challenges to rise to the top in the film industry. Diego dreams of becoming a successful music video director, and he has a lot of potential to do it. This potential, however, is overlooked by almost everyone except his closest friends.

To escape the boredom of the slow to no moving projects in Atlanta, Diego’s best friend, Jack and others try and get him back in the social scene to network, and forget about his 4 year relationship with Aphrodite, a girlfriend that never believed in Diego. After a chance meeting with Luna, an attractive but mysterious female friend from Diego’s past, things start to take an interesting turn. Luna introduces Diego to a world of health, and meditation that holds the power to re-ignite the prodigal prosperity of his youth. This also comes with the discovery that Luna and Diego both have “special abilities” approaching a meta- physical level. What follows is a spiritual, physical, and mental transformation leading the team to regain their spot as one of the most progressive production companies in the city.

As the stakes begin to raise, the group of friends come together with a solid plan to create their own “big break” and the Journey eventually leads them to California to seek the attention of “The Angel”, a real person that can instantly make their dreams a reality. In Hollywood, over the course of 3 weeks, our team goes from obscurity to, the towns hottest new thing. This eventually leads to a big break with a major studio, but is our team up for the challenge?

This is a "manifestation movie" created to bring about the success of all those involved. Being based on true events, it is already changing the lives of those involved.

*******INVESTOR INFO*************

Festival circuit followed by Theatrical release, Domestic DVD release Basic Cable,
Pay-Per View Subscription, Cable Broadcast TV

Budget: $500,000

Initial Investment 100% $350,000

Projected Net Profit $10,000,000

Equity Position 50% $5,000,000

Pay-Per View Subscription Cable Broadcast TV

Markets: America, Canada, Europe, Asia

Audience Demo: Males and Females age

Comparable to: Swingers, Limitless, Almost Famous, Push, The Social Network and any box-office dance movie.

Shooting Format: RED EPIC-M, RED ONE, RED SCARLET-X, Canon 7D

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