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I made this video because I have seen that the main quality successful fighters have is the belief in themselves that they cannot be beaten.

I shot this at an MMA event in Fife, Scotland. The Art of Combat. I shot this as an entirely personal project and received no monetary benefit from doing so.

Ive been to many MMA shows in my time and I find the atmosphere very strange during the pre show. I believe many fighters especially novice and amatuers are experiencing emotions they dont normally go through in their daily lives and equally as many are playing a game to hide their emotions and reflect the image of a fighter. From a film making point of view I've always wanted to exploit that. I focussed as much on the times where fighters are preparing and stepping into the cage where they are surrounded by people, coaches and team mates but are at their most isolated.

I think this video gives an insight into the strangest parts of being a fighter, The parts which no one will understand unless they go through the same rollercoaster ride of emotions by taking a fight.

Shot on a canon 60 D
NTSC 1080p 23.97 Fps
Samyang 35mm T1.5
Sigma 17-70 f2.8
Cheap rig with Follow Focus.
Adobe Premiere Pro.

The reason I shot the video in NTSC 24fps was to attempt the American boxing TV/ Film look as seen in films like "Warrior" and "The Fighter".
Also inspired by the new cinematic style of the "Ultimate Fighter" series and Documentaries like " The Rise of Conor McGregor"

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