Rebutting the arguments of Dr. Servatius, Eichmann´s very capable trial counsel, that the court in Israel had no jurisdiction over Eichmann because:

1. Eichmann was charged with violations of the laws of the State of Israel which was not in existence at the time of the alleged offenses;
2. Since the principal charge against Eichmann was crimes against the Jewish people, an Israeli court could not try him fairly;
3. The laws Eichmann was charged with violating were not in existence at the time of the alleged offenses, contravening fundamental principles against ex post facto laws.
4. Eichmann´s abduction from Argentina was itself against international law.

The infamous Wannsee Conference: Eichmann explains how this conference was called several months after the Final Solution to the Jewish Question was implemented to bring the entire German bureaucracy on board, the fear that it would be difficult to do so, and the elation when it turned out that anticipated opposition never materialized. Eichmann and his superior, Heydrich, celebrated how smoothly the conference went.

Eichmann´s revelation that once it was clear that Germany would lose the war, he would win his own war against the Jews.
How Eichmann overrode the request of Germany´s ally Italy to spare the life of a Jewish woman married to a deceased Italian army officer as well as the request of Marshal Petain the collaborationist French leader, who asked that a Jewish army officer and recipient of the Croix de Guerre, France´s highest military award, be spared.

Eichmann´s irritation, expressed to the German foreign ministry, that the deportation of Danish Jews did not proceed effectively and that Sweden was complicit in saving about half of Norway´s Jews.

Evidence that Eichmann, who claimed just to be following orders,

1. Overruled the Regent of Hungary to insure the deportation of a trainload of Hungarian Jew
2. Disregarded the directions of the head of the SS, Heinrich Himmler, for which he was reprimanded, when those directions would have spared Jewish live
3. Tried to frustrate the directive of another superior, Ernst Kaltenbrunner, with respect to killing captured Jewish parachutists
4. On one occasion, even undermined an agreement which Hitler had reached with the Hungarian Regent which would have saved 8,700 Jewish Hungarian families

Eichmann´s perfidious role in arranging for [postcards to be sent from Auschwitz] to still un-deported family members, encouraging them to hurry to Auschwitz.

Eichmann´s bizarre reaction when first seeing a film taken at the liberation of the concentration camps.

Gabriel Bach´s comments on [Hannah Arendt]´s coverage of the trial

What to do after the Israeli Supreme Court denies Eichmann´s appeal. Wait or execute?

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