The following is a preview of work to come, by conducting interviews and documenting the DIY aspects of skateboarding in the Pacific Northwest, I plan to capture the sincere reasons on why skateboarders construct their own environments to continue with what they love as well as share with others.

This work marks the beginning of an 8 month project that will not only take form as that of my thesis work (receiving my B.F.A. in photography) but it will be an ongoing series that will take place in many different forms through out my career.

Besides from the Documentary video component of the project, there will be environmental portraits shot with each participant ending in an formal installation at a gallery space here in Portland, Oregon which has yet to be determined.

Thank you for your interest and support, hope you enjoy.

(Please anybody that would like to participate or has any tips or leads that you think would contribute to the concept of this work, feel free to contact me anytime, either on my cell (503) 729 5396 or email It would be much appreciated and I would place you and or your business in the credits as well. Open to donations and or contributions for the completion of this project would be greatly appreciated.)

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