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Fotolanthropy is a movement of photographers and filmmakers across the country that donates portraits and short films to inspiring people who are overcoming adversity. With this special story a short film has been created. Fotolanthropy is funded by donations and the Fotostrap: the camera strap that gives back! To support our mission shop at:

Our first Fotolanthropy story was created in June of 2011. It is a story of a beautiful and courageous baby boy, James Camden Sikes. Sweet "Jamesie" is just 8 months old and has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. If you have time, please visit the family's blog to learn more in detail about James's fight against this tumor at His parents, Matthew and Kara, have shown inspiring faith and bravery during this time. I know my words could never compare to theirs. We met the Sikes family at Children's Hospital for his Fotolanthropy session. To ensure Jamesie's comfort, we filmed and photographed the session on the hospital campus. James is truly a perfect gift and his blue eyes will be with you forever. He has endured so much pain from his numerous surgeries but his blue eyes still shine with his inner light. I have been working on this project with an overwhelming humbleness and floods of tears trying to comprehend what Matthew and Kara must be going through. They are now back at home, allowing James to be in the comfort of his house as he fights for each moment. I found comfort in Kara's words from her blog, "James must be one of God's angels on loan to us." James is just 8 months old and has touched more lives than most do in a lifetime. He has inspired prayer and compassion, and I know his light will always shine in anyone who has heard or seen his story.

Matthew and Kara,

May the outpouring of love and prayer be abundant to you, and thank you for allowing us to meet your incredible angel, James.

Produced By: Fotolathropy
Film By: Lynn Films

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