‘Uprooted’ is a 3D animated short film about a small, cute, blue creature named Herbil. He frolics in his fantasy valley forest, chasing after butterflies, and roams the mystical land. One day however, an unexpected visitor comes into the forest for a visit. Over ten stories high, and made of rusted metal, Behemoth the giant robot spots Herbil and they get into a wild chase, taking them across the valley. Herbil has no clue what this monstrosity wants with him, but he musters up everything he can to escape the grasps of the giant. . .

'Uprooted' was envisioned and produced by three second year students at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. It was completed for a school project over the course of 2.5 months, beginning the concept phase ~January 20th, 2013, and completing April 10th, 2013.

The animation is fully completed by the three students, including: concepts; modelling; texturing; rigging; animation; environment creation; lighting; rendering; website creation/design; and compositing.

The team came in with little 3D experience, and updated our entire process, including trials and triumphs, at uprootedfilm.blogspot.ca/

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