This is a video, a long one, of my wonderful homebirth. After a couple minutes showing early labor, there is a video of late during transition (...see the contraction when I say, "It's not stopping!!" seemed so long and difficult).

After this, there is a 'final stretch' of about 20 minutes of fantastic physiological birthing in the birthing tub...I did not really push much, mostly my body did it. I enjoyed this part more than it seems. Actually, I think you can see my eyes rolling in the back of my head a few times. That's not because of pain.

The baby did not crown; his head came all in one contraction, and with the next contraction his body came. It's pretty clear, I think, when this is happening.

My husband delivered Dmitri, our first baby, while our midwife looked on.

Also on this video: my mother-in-law came over a couple of hours after the birth to meet her first grandchild.

I want to share this with everyone, because it was a wonderful experience. Birth can be like this. Thanks for watching.

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