Another joint from POORLY PLANNED. Striving to not fall into elaborate projects that can fall to shambles we like to keep in the moment and let the project grow as the times pass.

When Cody told me he was leaving in a little more then a month I immediately thought to myself we had to make a video. I wasn't sure of what exactly but I knew Leaving his new family of friends would be something I'd like to document. Around the 3 week point we started filming. We wouldn't go out to film hammers. We'd go out like we always did and skate the parks and have some brews and continue being our jerk off selves. With SXSW craziness just wrapping up and a contest the weekend before he left. Things really couldn't have worked out better. Even though we kind of turned the focus of the crowd at the contest to what we where doing instead of the rail skating at the last spot. Through these weeks life threw a few wrenches in our spokes. From loosing his girlfriend and becoming homeless, to being taken in by Frank and having to keep his head up the whole time while having a friend throw salt in his wounds. With the bad also comes the greatness of growth. Cody convinced Andrew to move in with Frank and his wife Jess. Frank made up a room for Andrew and bought him an air mattress. Now Andrew has a home and two people that want to see him succeed. For Cody it wasn't moving to a new place it was leaving a family he never had. So long, rodeo.

Thanks, Micah and Cody for making the track for the credits together on Easter thanks to beer and convenient store burritos

Thumbnail photo by Greg King

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