Deleted from victors' history: The other freedom fighters

Fifty-two years on, they are all bitter that the truth about their role in gaining independence for the country remains unrecognised, and are worried that it would die with them.

This group of men and women – all members of the fearsome 10th Regiment of the Communist Party of Malaya led by Abdullah CD – have been based deep in a thick jungle at the border of Malaya and Thailand area, since the end of 1953 following a continuous onslaught against them by the British forces.

What remains now is a history in the perspective of the victors where these CPM guerrilla's are demonised as terrorists.

In view of the nation's 52nd Merdeka, Malaysiakini recently visited one such communist 'peace village' in Sukhirin, southern Thailand, to talk to some of these battle-hardened “communist insurgents” on their role in gaining independence.

Reported by K Kabilan
Produced by Maran Perianen
Edited by Indrani Kopal
Voice Over by Nick Josh Karean

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