A couple of recommendations when making your YouTube video, make sure that you have, whoever the spokesperson is for your company, in the video for a couple of seconds. Google uses facial recognition technology, so having your spokesperson appear will also get you a little benefit with Google.

Another benefit that you can take advantage of in YouTube is links within the video to your website, and in order to enable those, you're gonna have to verify your YouTube account. So, I recommend all YouTube users, go to Features in your Setting, verify your account, and then enable Custom Thumbnails, enable Monetization to become a partner in YouTube. And at that point, you'll be able to do enhancements, upload longer videos, all types of special features within YouTube, including linking to associated websites, and directly associating your YouTube channel with a brand. And this is a tip that most people don't realize. After you verify it, go back to your YouTube channel to the Feature section and you'll see below Features, there is an Associated tab, and that's the associated website, the website that that channel's associated with.

So, if you've not associated your YouTube channel with your website, make sure you verify your YouTube channel and associate it.

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