Fringe! Film and Arts Fest presents RAW an online video project conceived and curated by Konstantinos Menelaou with the participation of SERAFIN MESA GARCIA, YOUNJI KU, KK PRASINOMATA and JASON BRADBURY.

Using found footage as their canvas, the participating artists attempt to subvert the fundamental use of erotic film production and its effect on their audience. Their personal artistic and aesthetic input on this series of footage aims to evoke a response beyond the intended one and to introduce an alternative viewpoint to the representations of sex in the media.

The project launches with the first video installment on Thursday 11th April 2013, 10 am Each day of Fringe! at 10pm a new video will be revealed with the last one to premier on Sunday 14th April 2013.Impersonal and often vulgar, pornography feeds our dark voyeuristic desire, an urge deeply implemented within basic instinct and constant hunger.

Abstract Waves
in those images, i quickly saw only movement and waves and wanted to recreate a visual path to abstraction and to ethereal shapes. "Abstract Waves": the alter ego of flesh.

KK Prasinomata
I am an alter ego.: born in an artist's mind, lived a parallel existence and now come to real life, with a first "public" appearance at Fringe Film & Arts Fest 2013.

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