Just some beautiful shots of New York City on Super 8mm film stock...

I shot this reel in June, 2011.

There are no remarkable shots in this little video, but I feel its special because it was shot on Super 8mm film stock. New York is a place that means a lot to me, and I'm delighted to be able to have captured just a shred of its sprawling vivacity on celluloid. (For those who are interested in seeing more of New York on film, I suggest checking out some of Jem Cohen's work.).

Though this footage is by no means old, but it looks and feels like it is. Yet, I love the scratchy film cells; I feel it adds a dimension of authenticity to the video, (besides from looking cool) and it give the proper idea of film.

These days it is unusual to find anything recorded onto Super 8mm film, so it is was a pleasure to be able to use this film stock. The camera I used was an old Canon Super 8mm camera I found buried in the back of the UCD Film Society cupboard. It was a great find, and I'm so glad it was still in working condition!


Footage property of Natasha Waugh
Music: George Gershwin - Rhapsody in Blue.

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