Hay Days - Behind the Scenes (Editor, Compositor)
The Envelope (Director of Photography)
Spin Cycle (Director of Photography)
Comedy & Magic Society (Director, Producer/Shooter, Editor)
24 Tournament (Director, Producer/Shooter, Editor)
AFI Docs 2013 (Camera Operator)
The Fishermen Band at Nationals Stadium (Camera Operator)
Fat Trel Live at Liv DC (Camera Operator)
N.W.O. (Producer/Shooter, Editor)
Swagged Out (Producer/Shooter, Editor)
Twenty Foes (Producer/Shooter, Editor)
Chris Pak - Art of War (Director, Producer/Shooter, Editor)
LA Boxing: Nuwan - A Boxer at the Races (Director, Producer/Shooter, Editor)
Boys and Girls Club DC - Nomis Boxing Invitational (Producer/Shooter, Editor)
Ex Voto Studio - Precision Billet Photo Shoot (Producer/Shooter, Editor)

MUSIC / Gramatik - Orchestrated Incident

Intended for NON-COMMERCIAL use.

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