Original Title: Wonders of life: Size matters
Duration: 59΄
Producer: Paul Olding
Director: Paul Olding
Company: BBC
Scientific Field: Exact sciences
Year: 2013
Country: United Kingdom

Prof Brian Cox travels around Australia to explore the physics of the size of life. Brian takes to the sea to swim with Great white sharks. Back on land, he tracks red kangaroos and explores how land based giants are restricted by the force of gravity. Entering the world of the small, he sees how insects can ignore gravity, and are limited by the electrostatic force. Smaller still and he visits the mysterious Thrombolites south of Perth, made up of colonies of bacteria. The size you are dictates which forces of nature influence your life, and it also influences your ‘speed of life’. The bigger you are, the slower the pace of life, and this has consequences on how long you might live. For the giant robber crabs on Australia’s tropical Christmas Island, compared to their smaller cousins, these huge crustaceans can live to well over 80- years old.

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