Scott Wilson
An electroacoustic music piece derived from discarded and recycled data. Types of material used include: News audio from (election coverage, commentary etc.); audio files found in the trash on various computers, or abandoned on a server; any computer file (i.e. Word documents, applications, etc.) given an audio header and played as a soundfile (e.g. a section based upon "playing" the Windows kernel, which some would argue is "Müll" as well); donations from composers and soundartists of unused material; combinations of the above. One section is based on a literal interpretation of Kevin Austin1s term "Photoshop Music" i.e. using Photoshop as a sound processor by altering images which are then played as audio, or converting audio to images for processing with PS plug-ins. In performance the piece plays at revealing the hidden sources of the sounds. This "secret" content makes itself known at different moments in the piece.

Concert in the Gallery Rachel Haferkamp Cologne, curated by Georg Dietzler

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