“I am frequently asked by people who have not seen my work why I spend my life documenting one simple place like Decatur County, Georgia. People confuse simple with small; they’re not the same thing. There are no simple places or simple lives. . . . . Life [in Decatur County] is like life everywhere, and I cannot think of a higher goal than understanding what we can of it.” —Paul Kwilecki, excerpted from his essay “Decatur County” in "One Place."

Though he ranks among the most important American documentary photographers of the twentieth century, Paul Kwilecki is also one of the least well known. An exhibit of his work at the Center for Documentary Studies features selected photographs from a new book of the same name, "One Place: Paul Kwilecki and Four Decades of Photographs from Decatur County, Georgia". Edited and with an introduction by CDS director Tom Rankin and coedited by Iris Tillman Hill, "One Place" is published by the Center for Documentary Studies in partnership with the University of North Carolina Press.

In a recent interview with CDS digital arts and publishing intern Joel Mora, Rankin gave some insight into Kwilecki's style and work ethic.

For more information, please see cdsporch.org/archives/tag/one-place-paul-kwilecki-and-four-decades-of-photographs-from-decatur-county-georgia-book-and-exhibit

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