Sérénité is an oatmeal coloured cat. Night time she contemplates the world while her gaze founds a philosophical purpose in the street lights drawling the rain, she understand fluid and all its surrounds.

Life through cat's eyes is a simple analogy between rain drops and human beings. A mirror contradicting the parallelism of Lilliputian lives. She puzzles and then realises that it is the thrive to insanity makes each drop fall. She imagines the sensation of falling, when everything around remain still except the emotion of descent. It is the apple of discord existing in all contradictions; moon/sun, day/night, separation/intimacy, masculinity/femininity and so on that drive droplets and humans to the same fate- A guttural explosion that is death on asphalt.

Within the same space and the similar temporary motions, we are, like rain drops segregated only by the breadth of a whisker yet we escape each other with the courage of kamikazes.

“What if" Sérénité wonders

"One day, all humans decide to fall from cliffs like driblets jumping from grey skies".
She pictures a metallic symphony of cars, lining up in the harmony of each others beam lights.
Entire civilisations quietly sitting in their cars with Bananarama's tunes playing on the radio, "every shade of blue" follows "last thing on my mind", it weights the translation of pop existences - Fluffy.
Time taps in brainless minds and before a beautiful dusk the wait for a suicidal enlightenment is over.

”Thanks god I'm only a cat" she whispers.

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