The second installment of So Ill Pride, featuring more footage of classics from the Holy Boulders, plus one extra.

**Special thanks to David Quinney and the rest of the So Ill crew for beta, spotting and hospitality!**

Problems in Order:
(0:11) Tabernacle V5 -- Aaron Schneider
(0:39) Jump for Jesus V6 -- Aaron Schneider
(0:57) Kings High V8 -- Aaron Schneider
(1:55) Undercling King V5 -- David Quinney
(2:35) Platypus V8 -- Aaron Schneider
(3:22) Darkside V7 -- Aaron Schneider
(4:11) Worms Way V10 -- Aaron Schneider
(5:15) Comfortably Numb Arete V6 -- Ed Heitmann
(6:14) Orlandini Genie V9/10 -- David Quinney, First Ascent! (At Orlandini Wall, not the Holies)

Aaron Schneider
Ed Heitmann
Eric P

Aaron Schneider

"Vulture" -- Pendulum
"Revolving Doors" -- Gorillaz

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