This was a color test done for a short film I'm working on. I threw this scene together quickly, and edited it even quicker. I just wanted to test out the look I wanted using the VisionColor picture profile, and Film Convert's new update for VisionColor. I love what both these brands are doing, and support them wholeheartedly.

I used the Fuji Velvia setting. I wanted an older film look to it, with a creamy, washed out quality that would work well with the story. I feel I got what I wanted.

I used the Canon 50mm f1.8, Albinar 80-200mm f.3.5, and the Auto Sunset f2.8 (this lens is an m42 mount, and I can't seem to find if it belongs to Takumar, Pentax, Yachica, etc., but it works, and the quality isn't bad).

The music was something I threw together a while back ago, thought I would use in this. I made it in Reaper, using free VST synths and the like.

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