Video Montage for the 3rd Annual Summer Blockbuster Lineup, hosted by Gateway College and yours truly. For more info you can visit the website at or follow us or them on twitter: @gateway_college & @mattiasalegro

This is one of those projects where, the more I worked on it, the more I second guessed every decision I made. I had to keep taking breaks and coming back to it for a fresh perspective, but in the end I just had to get it done. Probably not as good as last years ( but fun none-the-less. I hope you enjoy it.

I'm really looking forward to this years crop of movies:
Iron Man 3
Star Trek: Into Darkness
Fast and Furious 6
Now You See Me
After Earth
Man of Steel

Along with those new movies coming out this summer we'll also be entertaining ourselves with a Fast & Furious Marathon (to include movies 1,3,5, and 6.) So it should be a pretty wicked summer. I'm pretty excited considering three of the new movies are sci-fi.

Song: "If I Lose Myself" by One Republic
Movie Trailers and Clips copyright their respective distributors. Downloaded using iTunes Trailers.

This is not intended for commercial use, but just an effort to get my friends excited about the summer and to inform them of what is to come. Also these are a lot of fun to make. Regardless I am not making money off this video. Just want to entertain.

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