Mitch Cox, lead sales rep at AmericaBest, takes us behind the scenes as he performs his morning ablutions — in the men's restroom. Mitch is one of the stars of "Bernie," an irreverent workplace comedy about the world's oldest profession: Accounting.

With bed-head hair and perpetually loosened tie, Mitch always looks like he just rolled in from an all-night party. Or a strip club. Or an all-night party at a strip club. Because, knowing Mitch, he probably has. Thanks to social skills honed at his alma mater Arizona State, Mitch has charm to spare — a gift he exploits to make clients feel like they're his BFFs, and to manipulate Bernie into cleaning up verrry questionable expense reports from trade shows gone south. Especially the ones held in Vegas.

Mitch knows just what to say to the ladies — often delivered in the form of a sexually explicit poem — but harbors a dark secret. His catchphrase around the office, said whenever he’s trying to shrug off responsibility: “Sorry, I’ve got a lunch!”

Music credits: INTRO by Simon D'souza. OUTRO by Hall & Oates.

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