Semiconducting Nanowire Field Effect Transistor for Nanoelectronics and Nanomechanics
Mandar Deshmukh, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

Semiconducting nanowire transistors offer an interesting avenue to realize new device architecture for transistors beyond the silicon era. As transistors are scaled down several challenges present themselves and there is a need to explore new materials and device architectures to overcome these difficulties. I will present our efforts to develop a simple technique for lateral nanowire wrap around gate devices with high capacitive coupling. This wrap around gate electrode completely surrounds the channel and allows efficient tuning of the transistors without degrading the mobility of electrons. Such a device is of interest for technological applications as well as to explore how the electrons flow through confined nanostructures when quantum mechanical effects are felt in subtle but perceptible ways.

A nanoscale “guitar string” made using suspended semiconducting nanowire transistor can also be used to understand how the flow of electrons can affect the mechanical vibrations of the “guitar string”. Such studies allow us to design sensitive nanoscale electromechanical devices that can detect charges and also to quantitatively understand the temperature profile inside nanoscale transistors.

This work is supported by the Government of India and partially supported by IBM India and AOARD Tokyo.

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