This is a short film about existential fear of a modern human being. The film is to be viewed on the internet, as the receiver can interact and choose his or her own ending. NOTICE - the film has two endings. You have to wait for the second ending to begin (the screen goes black) after the first one has ended. The film is made for applying at Hyper Island's Interactive Art Director programme. The subject given was 'fear' - free to interpret, both in content and media. And this is my take on it!

Screenwriter & producer: Sascha Jespersen
My biggest thanks to the best of people - all helping this idea coming to life! :
Photographer & Editor: Peter Vintergaard
Actor: Sarah Stage Lindholt
Director: Mette Carla T. Albrechtsen
Sound: Simon Ellegaard
Assistant photographer: Niels Kondo
Location: Ni'mat Spa, Hotel Kong Arthur

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