Humans need to touch and be touched, although in public urban environment touch is avoided, often as the result of rushed movement, too crowded spaces, or hostile interactions.
Hug@ree is an interactive experience in which participants hug a real tree, bonding urban dwellers with nature, and restoring trust in the sense of touch.
The tree is instrumented to record and transmit a videoloop of each hug to a real-time interactive video collage, displayed online and as a touchscreen in the exhibition. People interact by positioning their videoloop on the tree branches, becoming part of a global shared
embrace of nature.
Hug@ree interactive installation video for IEEE World Haptics Conference 2013, Daejeon, Korea, April 14-17, 2013
by Mónica Mendes, Pedro Ângelo, Nuno Correia, Valentina Nisi

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