S i d e √ S t r e a m, is the development my key research interests, the study of visual culture in every day life; the analysis of its representational forms, the tracking of its visual and textual manifestations, and through responding to the human condition with cultural interventions.

S i d e √ S t r e a m, uses the idea of “autonomous” reading as a methodological approach to narrative and its construction, for instance, in the presentation and reception (viewing) of five simultaneous narratives, the traditional hierarchical rationale of binary comparisons common in a single story line narrative (either/or, likes/dislikes) dissipates in favour of the more complex, chaotic, and catastrophic effects of multiple choices (five parallel story lines).

S i d e √ S t r e a m, for instance, the viewer is presented with multiple concurrent narratives. The viewer may begin to follow one storyline, but a flash of colour or familiar object in another panel may draw their attention away from this first panel. They may try to follow more than two storylines, perhaps three. Distractedness, boredom, and unfulfillment may set in; it may become impossible to follow even one storyline for any sustained duration.

S i d e √ S t r e a m, through its use of multiple video projections, and multiple video layering seeks to intervene into the experience of space by challenging its utopian fictions, and by purposefully horizontalizing the epistemological and anthropological priority of language over space (Lefebvre).

S i d e √ S t r e a m, seeks to delegitimize the passive reception of space.
S i d e √ S t r e a m, questions the production of space.
S i d e √ S t r e a m, is the dialectical struggle to liberate knowledge form ideology.
S i d e √ S t r e a m, scrutinizes the fetishization of space.
S i d e √ S t r e a m, is about the project of articulating “display” and “displacement”.
S i d e √ S t r e a m, is intended for a wide audience.
S i d e √ S t r e a m, as a pedagogy is experiential, oriented on self-learning.
S i d e √ S t r e a m, is an invocation to share in the common language of discovery.

S i d e √ S t r e a m, deploys methodologies normally associated with geology, archeology, anthropology, ethnology, sociology, psychoanalysis, including some of the practices of certain artists, perhaps some writers, and a few philosophers who choose to articulate a second poetic geography on top of the geography of the literal that already exists (De Certeau).

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