The pitch video for my upcoming short film Confidential Trust.

The crowdfunding page can be found here:

Confidential Trust is a short 10 minute drama set in a crisis ridden section of MI5. When an extremely confidential briefcase is stolen, the Section leader must throw everything MI5 has at the enemy. This will lead to a fierce gun battle with an SAS assault team. Confidential Trust is set to be a gripping Spy thriller, with action and suspense throughout.
You can access the script here:

About Me
I am a passionate filmmaker, currently in my third year studying Television Production at Bournemouth University. My portfolio consists of many professional jobs including live work at the 2012 olympic games. My very talented crew also have similar experience and we have worked on many projects in the past.

A film we have recently made together is ‘Killer Conscience’:

For more information and to see more of my portfolio work visit:

What we need
Unfortunately making a film of this scale, will cost money. Something that I have been able to fund up until now. Any contributions made will go solely into the project and this is a breakdown of what it will be spent on:

Locations: We have many locations across London ranging from MI5 offices to abandoned mills.
Costume Design
Lens hire
Travel Expenses
Actor Expenses
Pre-Production Costs (Recces & Auditions)

All of the cast and crew will be working for free. The majority of camera equipment will be provided by both ourselves and Bournemouth University.

What you get
In return there are many perks I can offer, these range from:
Digital Downloads
Bonus Behind the Scenes Videos
Props from the film
Behind the Scenes Photography Books
See more information below.

Why should you donate?
By donating to this project you are helping me create an ambitious film that you will proudly say you were a part of. Not only that, this is a great opportunity to use professional cast and crew (working for free) to make a film that will break into a competitive industry, being entered into film festivals, promoting future work and possibly leading to a sequel.

How you can help?
Any contributions to this project are welcome, and if you cannot contribute then sharing this will be a massive help. This can be through Facebook, Twitter or even friends... anything to get the word out is a huge help and for that, I am extremely grateful!

Thank you very much for your time,

Ben Cornish

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