Dancer-Poet Ward McBurney and the Cycles Collective.

Cycles (March 1-31, Arcadia Gallery, Toronto) is a completely open creative laboratory. Creation begins the moment someone walks into the space and starts doing what they do. My only job is to open the door, document what people do, and then edit, edit, edit.

This is Ward's 2nd appearance in the film. You can hear his poetry here, in Part 2:

Mary Ellen Moore, Max Moore, Stella Hawke, Chantelle Tucker and Premadasa recorded handclaps on March 5th
Ali Jafri and I recorded his framedrum solo and our framedrum/tabla duet on March 6th
Chris Wardman and I did splash-strip/percussion improvs on March 9th
Ward McBurney danced to a rough edit of those sessions later on March 9th
Suba Sankaran recorded her vocal parts on March 10th
Wilson McLeish and Dan Minchom recorded their guitar and bass parts later on March 10th
Sarah Peebles and Marcus Ali recorded sho and soprano sax on March 13th

Everything is improvised.

The raga (melodic mode) Suba chose to sing, Hindolam, is a pentatonic scale:
D F G Bb C D / D C Bb G F D

Hindolam, a springtime Raga, is a serene, meditative raga said to have been created from Shiva's Tandaav (cosmic dance), so it also has energy/vigour.

Hindolam means 'swing'.

Cycles runs daily until March 31st, 2013

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