Video on April 13, 2013

Bodyweight: 80.5 kg (177 lb.)

Added resistance: 30 lb. medicine ball (adducted between the knees) + 18 lb. weighted vest

Increasing the load for pull-ups with a medicine ball adducted between the knees as opposed to using a weighted vest or chained harness is different because of the continuous pressure of adduction needed to prevent the medicine ball from falling. This exercise presents both challenges: the adducted medicine ball plus a weighted vest. Additionally, doing a single repetition using static holds and pauses concentrically and eccentrically like in gymnastics as opposed to normal weight lifting increases the difficulty throughout the range of motion because in weight lifting the hardest part of a rep is where there is least biomechanical advantage (“the sticking point”) whereas with a serial sequence of isometric holds the entire range of motion is made substantially more challenging.

mental dimension

The mental focus is primarily on the pull-up movement but the mental focus required to hold the medicine ball in place is significant. Because of flexion at the hip joint, there is abdominal involvement. This should be considered a compound movement as opposed to merely a movement with an additional load.

This single repetition lasted 41 seconds.

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