This is just the intro to what will be a very short, very, goofy video that fills a very tiny niche: Helping folks know where Baghdad at.

Not in any hilarious or political or ironic sense, but in the where-it-is-on-a-map sense. I didn't actually know where in Iraq it was myself, so I figured I could learn and make a little vid about it.

Might I suggest you turn up the bass?

This is my first time making this kind of video. It's going slow and funny... just me, my lil' Canon Powershot, pen and paper and a fixed camera setup consisting of a Gorillapod (tripod) ATTACHED TO A THIGHMASTER THAT I FOUND IN MY APARTMENT. Ha ha ha ha it's true goodness-sakes yup.

In other news, Garageband is the goodtimes fun.

Will try and finish the actual vid over next two weeks. Til then, no cheating and Googling the answer :)

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