The Field Microwave is the 21st century solution to a Soldier's need for hot meals in the field. Using our revolutionary Exhaust to Electricity conversion unit, simply connect to the exhaust pipe of your Humvee and cook like the pros!

The Field Microwave features a standard ACU finish to blend in with your surroundings. The enemy will never know you are enjoying hot meals. The shoulder and waist pads making moving this cookware simple and easy. The optional MOLLE accessory plate keeps cooking accessories organized. Add a pouch for salt and pepper, or a bag with cleaning tools. The possibilities are endless!

Should you be overrun by the enemy, the unit is equipped with a self destruct mechanism because the last thing on your mind is leaving the opposition with hot meals.

If you order now and get a week's supply of Tactical ACU Meals including ACU Burritos, ACU Cup-O-Soup and ACU Popcorn for snacking on the go.

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