DAVID REGELIN YOGA 30H Adjustment Intensive Teacher Training in Ulm/Germany

Life involves carrying weight: responsibilities, emotions, memories and the weight of our bodies. The particular way in which we carry our emotional, psychological, and existential weight forms our postural disposition. Yoga offers an archetypal framework, a revolutionary method based on universal ideals, with which one can reform, re-tune, re-calibrate, and ultimately transform themselves.

The role of a teacher is to leave people in a better position with regard to themselves and their surroundings, by moderating, measuring, adjusting, explaining, interacting and centering people so that they become stable, well adjusted, inspired, and insightful. A teacher must develop their ability to see individuals and provide them with information, insight, and interpretive skill so that the yoga remains substantial and enduring.

This is a specialized practical training for teachers wishing to develop their ability to adjust posture, articulate specific and personalized instructions, work with a broad range of body types and ages, and in general relate the functionality and depth that a relevant yoga practice has to offer.

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Music produced by "Marcus Walnus"

Trailer produced by "kollektiv VOGELFREI" ulm / germany
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