We wanted to share this video produced for ProEquus International.
The video contains examples many, very different horseback riding discipline ... from Classical Equitation including High Dressage and Movements in the Air, to classical Horse Show Jumping, to Western Reining Horses and Rodeo Calf Cutting, to miniature horse Pole Bending and Barrel Racing with young riders, to Extreme Horse Jumping over 8 foot high solid walls.
Many have found the segments featuring little girls riding American Miniature Horses in rodeo events to be absolutely adorable, simply WAY too cute and inspiring for the viewer to not smile and grin.
Others have found the segment featuring "high dressage" movements in the air performed by Lippizan Stallions from Kobilarna Lipica (English: "Lippizan Stud Farm" since 1580 AD) to be both inspiring and awesome.
Of course, the segment featuring classical dressage [titled "Hip Hop Dressage"] is so very entertaining; and the more traditional classical dressage routine performed to a Hollywood show tune has been called "the cutest dressage performance ever."
The reason for this video is to demonstrate to the viewer the very many different types of movements that we ask horses to execute with their hooves.
We hope that realizating [seeing and comprehending] that the movements required of the horse by some riding disciplines are so very different from ... and very often are the exact opposite of ... the movements required by other riding disciplines, will lead to understanding by the viewer the first law of horsemanship: What a horse can do with its hooves is limited by the type of footing that it is performing on.
This should come as no surprise to true equestrianists ... that the the footing defines + limits the ability of the horse more than does its training, its breeding/pedigree, its rider or its physical abilities and so forth.
Please consider: for a human to perform high-level dance on the wrong type of flooring ... such as trying to tap dance on a rubber wrestling mat, or to perform the Vienna Waltz on a gravel roadway ... severely limits the performance of the dancers.
In the same manner: the type of footing ... the footing's consistency and it resiliency, the footing's traction or its 'slide-ability,' its flexion or its inflexibilty and more ... all will have a direct and unavoidably limiting or enabling impact on the horse-rider pair's performance.
It has been a well-kept secret that "it ain't about the horse and the rider, instead it's all about what the horse can do with its hooves, which is determined by what type of footing its hooves are on."
To most human riders, many think "It's all about the horse."
That is absolutely not true for the horse. For the horse, it is all about its hooves and what it can do with its hooves; and what it can do with its hooves is all about the footing.

This amusing and highly entertaining "horse video" is presented with the kind permission of the original owner, ProEquus® International. By agreement, we have promised to include a reference to one of its web sites. Here it is, the ProEquus of North America organizational web site » Pro-Equus.org.
Many of the images and video segments were provided by ProEquus of North America. Others were provided by other German and Austrian sources, and we wish to thank them for their kind permission to use those video elements or graphics.

If you find this Vimeo "horse video" to be amusing or enterntaining, please do not hesitate to contact us. We appreciate your comments or concerns.
mit freundlichen grüßen/best regards,
Mark Rector, Lazy R Ranch, Carnation, Washington, USA.

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