Skrauss Speaks, You Listen: episode 34

The world's first art-vlog

Life is like a parking garage. Just ask anyone with a graduate degree in farm studies. The wrong way is the right way, when you're in college. Not that it matters; degrees are given to anyone with two legs and a pair of pants. They even gave one to me. Heck, I got 4 of them, and I hardly ever even read the books. This speaks volumes for either me and my brilliance or the academic book-learnin' institution and its loosey goosey promotion of duncery.

The Skräuss barely talks about any of that in episode 34. Why do women get to complain about everything? It ain't fair! I want to complain about the use of slang sexist terms like, "Grip and grin," and "plug." What ever, nobody cares about men's rights these days.Premediate your own future, Future, 2070! I'm busy.

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