This is a brief video on how to receive the Eucharist especially made for the parents of and/or children preparing to receive the Eucharist for the first time. The Eucharist is Jesus's body and blood.

- After bowing toward the consecrated host (Jesus' body), you put your hands together palms facing up (some say it looks like a crown). Your dominant hand goes on the bottom so that it can be used to pick up the host and put it into your mouth.
- Making the Sign of the Cross after receiving the Eucharist under either species is not prescribed in any of the liturgy documents (the rubrics of the Mass). In this video the acting communicant practices as her own devotion.
- When drinking from the chalice, you should take a sip. It is not necessary to drink more than that as the fullness of Christ is in the entire contents of the chalice. In other words, you don't receive any more Jesus because you consume more of the precious body or blood of Christ.

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