New original song! Took a little while to get going again, but I'm back. No video to accompany this one. All of my efforts went into writing. Hope you enjoy it!

Free MP3 download here:

You're calling for me
I jump to my feet
You need my assistance
no matter the distance
I'll do what you need

I'll climb into you
like you want me to
I'll be the strong one
and clear out your head
to make you like new

Your brain has been tainted by demons and spiders
don't let them succeed
The dark and the danger just make you seem stranger
you need to be free
Don't let the spiders get you down.

There's vines on the walls
and webs in the halls
I'm tearing it down
and pushing on through
to finish it all

From ceiling to floor
I'm searching for more
Explore and discover
the keys that I need
to get through the doors

Set fires to get farther, climb high to get deeper
I'm nearing the end
I'm killing the creepers that make you grow weaker
you'll be safe again
Don't let the spiders get you down

I've done all that you ask
and finished up the task
but what I didn't know
is you still have to go

The curse was on your heart
You were doomed from the start
Only one of us was winning
The end of the beginning

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