Cheers to Stirls from Slide 'N' Destroy for ripping a massive burnout in his 310rwkw R33 Skyline Cop car in his shed and caking the entire back wall of his shed in smoking rubber!
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We filmed this as a camera test for the Sony FS-700 Super slow motion with a Metabones adaptor and a Canon 15mm 2.8 attached on one and the other with the standard 18-200mm 3.5-5.6 (which is garbage). unfortunately the Metabones adaptor has a 1.5 crop so we couldn't get the full use of the full frame sensor but the DOF is decent and when shooting HD the image was great.
as you can tell the 200 fps HD looks great but the shutter speed needs to be over 1/425 to keep the frames sharp with such a fast moving object. The SD 800fps @ 1/1750 slowed down amazingly but due to the res being sooooo lowwww it looks incredibly poor and grain is massive.

opening shot was on an iPhone 5! WOW!

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