► America's regressive tax codes were written by and for the super-rich, who pay nothing on:
• $5 quadrillion per year in Wall Street transactions
• $2 trillion per year in imports thanks to free trade
and not enough on:
• Corporate taxes, which are evaded by the largest corporations through loopholes and tax shelters
• Capital gains, where speculative profits are taxed at half the rate of income
The oligarchs have overturned the American tradition of raising federal money first through tariffs, corporate tax and by lending for production with a national bank.
When credit and profits flow to those who work, the needs of the government shrink, along with the opportunities for unearned riches on Wall Street.
Learn more: againstausterity.org/
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► Worlds Debt explained

► " Oh, So... The WORLD is Aprox 49.83 Trillion $ in DEBT ?
PLEASE, Tell Me...WHO is The WORLD in DEBT TO ? "
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Rothschild, Bernanke, Goldman Sachs, Bilderberg, the Federal Reserve, etc.

If all debt in the world had been paid of (excluding interest) there would not be a single dollar in circulation.
...new world order? one per cent? NEW avenue of revenue! SLAVERY------put country into debt--hero's will pay it off---and whalla!!!! the people will be taxed forever---generation after generation to pay the debt off, but alas---there's the interest----. Zillions will be paid to the one per cent, from the backs of the people forever. And-----they will live in luxury, with little or no effort on their part---except to use the whip, every now and then------OUR FUTURE?
The debt to the theoretical world bank. And our taxes pay for it. Welcome to the grand illusion.
...why are we still allowing this to go on? I think we should just stop accepting paper currency for work all at the same time...
... this debt situation is a total joke, I'd like to know the names of the people who really think the world owes them money. On top of that, our governments are playing along, wake me up when this bad movie is finished. We're governed by idiots, low IQ, no vision imbeciles.

"The World" ? More like America to China. :p

Iceland is teh example to follow but media is has been silence because are control by the ruling elite..... lets continue spreading the word!!!

Get out of debt free.org....we owe no one anything...if you consent...then expect control...

...hm. . . where did the money comes from.... at the banks? From the people all over the world who worked for the money. Does this mean, that we have debt . . . with ourselves ? Yes ! Is that logical ? Yes, but not a great spirit. B| :D

* The debt is much higher than the poster indicates.

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►► CHECK this album: • "All Wars Are Bankers' Wars" [MUST WATCH, READ, SHARE] •
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