A group of Power Shift activists did a performance at the 2 day event in Brussels to show their disagreement with the undemocratic processes in decision making and lobbying for unconventional fossil fuels developments in Europe.

The full speech is bellow:
“Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please? Before we all go in and take our seats I want to share few words with you. It will only take a minute.

First, let me wish you all a warm welcome. Thank you for coming to Brussels for this exclusive event. At 995 euros a head, it is for industry insiders and decision makers only.

Now, as you should all know by now ‘public acceptability’ has been all the rage in recent months, as we try to think of creative ways of saying: ‘Hey! Water pollution ain’t so bad! And don’t worry about those earth tremors…we’re sure they’ll sort themselves out.”

Hydraulic fracturing - or fracking - involves pumping chemicals in the ground to release fossil fuel. Sorry - make that transitional fuel! But there’s also another kind of fracking. One that involves rupturing the democratic process by getting to decision makers behind closed doors in order to release planning permits and land leases.

With the first type – we know it sounds bad, but by promising a few people a job we can make the whole pollution thing go away. And don’t forget to inflate the numbers of jobs by including rig workers’ their families, neighbors, their hairdressers, shoekeepers, life coaches … That way we can compete with the job numbers of the renewables industry.

Now to the second kind of fracking, the one where you pump the local representative. It’s key to invite them to nice hotels with tasty croissants, make them feel important and promise them their voters/they've been put in office to make these hard decisions. Simply put: if there was a public debate, it would cost us more. Could you imagine if civil society was here???

So without further ado, I’ll let you enjoy your fancy “Frack the World” conference in this 17 star Renaissance hotel. Thank you for listening.

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