A rough edit on some of the footage shot for the 2014 documentary for German Cinema "The Rhine from Above".

Flying our wingsuits over one of the biggest moving structures in the world.
Two massive 800ft long flood-gates that protect the Netherlands from high waterlevels.
The wingsuits used are Phoenix-Fly Vampire 3 (Ronald) and Phoenix-Fly Havok (Jarno).

Special permission from the Dutch KNVvL to jump baserigs due to the lower exit and opening altitudes that this area demanded.

Special thanks to Vidicom Media for allowing us use of the footage
Check out vidicom-tv.com for more information

"Der Rhein von Oben"
In Theaters 2014

Director: Peter Bardehle
Cineflex Operator: Klaus Stuhl
Wingsuit Freefall Camera: Jarno Cordia
Helicopter Pilot: Heiner Börger
Airplane Pilot: Ed Groenen
Wingsuit pilot: Ronald Overdijk
Producer: Andrea Mokosch
Editing: Jarno Cordia

Ground Crew: Inge Berwers, Rob Bakker

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