I visited the Camarillo Airshow in 2012 as part of the 67th Checkertail Clan Reunion. While there I shot some of the aerial flyby's along with taxiing of the WW2 aircraft and have edited it together here.

This footage was shot for fun, so no steady tripod shots (although they are reasonably steady) but I hope it is of interest for those of you who want to see various Warbirds in action?

Included in the footage (flying) is/are ; P-51, P-47, P-40, P-38, FW-190, B-25, Spitfire, Corsair, F6-F + many more. I have not added any music sound track, just the audio I was recording as the aircraft were displayed. Occasionally the 'annoying' commentator pops into the track, but I have kept this down to a minimum. I swear I'd pay an extra $10 if they had no commentary at-all!

I hope these are of some entertainment to those of you interested in WW2 aviation.

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