Video installation and performance presented at Taidekeskus Ahjo (Ahjo Art Center), Joensuu, Finland, July-August 2012. 9 minute excerpt from 3-hour performance.

Artist, producer and performer: Cherie Sampson
Music: Merja Soria
Overtone Singing: Alexander Khalil
Spoken Voices: Merja Soria & Cherie Sampson
Audio and Video arrangements/post-production & video installation: Cherie Sampson
Passages selected from The Kalevala (and rearranged by Cherie Sampson).
English translation of the epic used: Eino Friberg.

Costume design: Kerri Packard

Thanks to all of the staff at Ahjo Art Center (Jari, Esko and Tomi!) , Liisa & Jukka Tommila, Stephan Herbers and the Koli community (& Yrjö Sepänmaa and the University of Eastern Finland for hosting my Fulbright period at UEF during 2011).

This project was supported in part by a grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation (North Karelia Regional Fund)

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