Travel from Jerusalem to Bethlehem
Shot July, 2009

Israeli occupation soldiers stop Palestinian buses indiscriminately in Jerusalem streets. They say they must check passes in order to find the terrorists.
What terrorists?

Checking passes before even entering the checkpoint are tactics of intimidation, humiliation and control. Besides, they need to keep those occupation soldiers busy (the land is swarming with them).

Then, we enter the Bethlehem checkpoint. I was asked to turn off my camera at least 3 times by soldiers. I ask why. "Because this is a military zone."

Unfortunately I was unable to show the thumb scans of Palestinians in accompaniment with displays of their cards in long lines of men coming back home. These men work for pittance in Jerusalem for Israeli construction companies, including building homes for settlers, building the new tramline to bypass Palestinian neighbourhoods, and building even the checkpoints and the wall itself.

Every day, the people lucky enough to have the 'right' card, spend hours going through the checkpoint in and out.

The checkpoint is designed as if for cattle, for animals.
The wall is a jail. horrific and insane.

No soldiers of the Israeli Occupation Forces were harmed in the making of the film

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