A "Save Moscow Cinema Summer Hall" independent mini-project in support of a cultural site anti-demolition campaign in Yerevan, Armenia.

*Pahpanello = Pahpanel (Armenian for "save/keep/guard") + Lo (Spanish for "it") = Save It!
**Dr Candvelucci = a made-up Italian(ish) surname that sounds like "Candvelu Chi" (Armenian for "Not to be demolished!")

Dr. Candvelucci - Ara Aslanyan. Idea and Photography - Albert Poghosyan, Arthur Lumen Gevorgyan. Stop Motion, Video Editing and Music - Aram Rian (VO.X). [P.S. "Pahpanello" - a term made up by Albert Poghosyan; "Dr Candvelucci" - a name made up by Aram Rian]

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