Ozed. is proud to welcome Nelio in the Family !

Nelio. This is a character hard to describe in a few words. Self-taught man, he starts graffiti in the 90’s, and trains drawing, before getting more and more keen on art history. Little by little, its practicing blended to turn into a particular universe.
Between abstract and representational, based on primitive geometrical shapes and lively colors, he describes us his vision of the world: Complex but playful. Influenced by architecture and the imaginary world of his childhood, he creates spaces which can almost be compared to Escher’s world. This kind of abstract and timeless language brings us far from the urban reality which surrounds us.
Nowadays, his main workshops are public places. For him, this is a way to generalize the access to art, most of the time too much elitist. In this way, he offers us an alternative to the colorlessness of our cities and he returns pieces of life to some discarded places.
Finally, he merely aims at making us react, smile and even maybe think…

Discover more on his website: nelio.fr/

Ozed. A new vision.

Filmed by Matthew Harding
Edit by Tom Ewbank

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