The couple rang me a few weeks after the shoot and said this was one of the most fun days of their life. Toby one of the VIVIDA team members said to me that this shoot included some of the best days of his working career. As a photographer you want the experience of being photographed by you to be enjoyable and memorable. I guess that along with good results is all you can ask for when many dread the thought of having professional pictures taken.

This pre-wedding shoot was all originally planned for another country in Europe. However, a couple of days before the shoot the weather forecast looked ominous. So we decided to rebook the shoot and the location for Sorrento, Italy. After consultations with my client Dilraj and Sarina it was decided that the shoot would take more of a fashion tangent. Dilraj and Sarina were not a couple that would spend their time laughing in front of the camera. They had model looks, so it made sense to work with their style.

Often, just being in another country is exciting for myself and a couple. However, Sarina and Dilraj are regular travellers. Day one was extremely relaxed a little too relaxed. We got to the afternoon and we still hadn't started shooting yet and I was itching to take pictures. Myself and Ashley my assistant decided that we really needed to up our game to engage the couple in the experience. I informed the couple that we were going to rent two speedboats and travel unaccompanied across to the island of Capri. I was greeted with nervous excitement. For me pre-wedding shoots aren't just about the images, it's about the experience and the journey along the way. This journey was about to get interesting and exciting.

For event work I prefer the discipline required by using prime (fixed) lenses. However, for creative and couple shoots I currently prefer zoom lenses. Almost all of this shoot was captured using the Canon 24 - 70 MK I.

Once again we flew out with a full kitbag including 5D MK II and Profoto lights. Much of the shoot was created using a 1200 Watt second pack along with a 3 ft octa and a zoom reflector, occasionally with a grid.

As you may know many of my shoots require meticulous planning and execution. What I particularly enjoy about shooting abroad in this way is the organic development of the shoot. I am never sure what I am going to come back with. I just know that the results need to impress my clients. We often short list locations using Google images and with research we find areas that may be accessible and provide a good photographic backdrop. When we arrive we spend a little time exploring. And this exploring never stops.

The application used in the video for sun direction is:

As always I hope you enjoy something about the work I produce and this video.
I am open and happy to answer questions.

Simeon Quarrie
Twitter: @simeonquarrie

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