Unlike Us #3 - Social Media: Design or Decline
Session 2: The Federated Webshow

Capo (Cyberspace), Spideralex (ES), George Danezis (UK), Reni Hofmüller (AT), Vincent Toubiana (US), Arvind Narayanan (IN/US), Seda Gürses (BE, moderator) - Panel Discussion
Conference Day #1 (22 March 2013)

The best way to criticize platform monopolies is to support alternative free and open source software that can be locally installed. In the Federated Web Show we are setting the terms of decentralization. A lot of alternative social networks are being developed with the aim to give users greater power, for example over their data. Just think of Lorea or Diaspora. Which choices have to be made for a decentralized design and what are the traps? Is it necessary to take the sharing individual as a starting point of the network? A different kind of social networking is possible, but there are many questions to attend to. Are you ready for constant decision-making? How deeply does your trust in the community you share your data with reach? In a lively talk show, guests on stage or participating on screen discuss the possible future of decentralization and concepts for alternatives. Open or closed, commercial or anarchistic, distributed or centralized: join the Federated Web Show.

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