Background + Season I

6 episodes (22 minutes) dealing with the life and business of Jamaica music executive Josef Bogdanovich and his company Downsound Records which is based in Kingston, Jamaica.

The series is placed in the modern context of the world’s economic crisis and a period of heightened creative expression that emerges from the doom.

At the core the series is a documentary-style comedy-drama that draws upon a combination of reality and written material which has been gathered through the mic-ing of Bogdanovich as well as a series of interviews with the people who know and work with him- musicians, businesspersons, media and regular working people.

The goal of this series will be to give the viewer a snapshot of Bogdanovich’s life and his business of music production in one of the world’s most peculiar and exciting cities – Kingston, Jamaica.

To execute this series, Bogdanovich will agree to be wired for sound and followed in his day to day life as he goes through the motions of creating a star out of dancehall personality Harry Toddler.

Toddler, who is a real artist, is an important part of season one as he will provide an underlying theme in the first season.

As Bogdanovich explains his history and the business of ‘breaking an artist’ in a world where reggae and dancehall is at its lowest ebb, the viewer is taken directly into a seldom seen world from an insiders perspective- revealing layers of the business and the ups and downs associated with the process.

Along the way, the viewer is permitted into the lives of the typical Jamaican studio and the characters who dream of making it.

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