I had to make a reel showing all of my work so far as a student at HU. It was stressful to put together, and get everything I needed to all go together, but now that I'm past that it's so cool to see what all I've done. I definitely think I've improved in my (almost) two years here, and I'm so excited to see what we'll be doing in our next two years.
This includes clips from Digital Tools (where we learned film techniques and media management), Animation 1, Animation 2 (Drawn Animation), Animation 3 (Stop Motion), 3D 2 (3D character modeling), and 2D Computer Animation (Toonboom). I didn't have room to put in anything from 3D 1, but I do have my final from that class on here, and if you want stills you can go to either my Deviantart, or my Pinterest.

The first song, I found all the sounds and music at freesound.org. The second song, I don't own, and am not even sure what it is. It was a remix of some song.

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