Time to hit the pavement again in another kicks roadtest, and this time the Puma Mobium Elite is put through it's paces.
The shoes is designed to offer a unique experience as it pioneers what Puma like to call 'Adaptive Running', a shoe that adapts to your feet.
The first thing you notice is the striking green colourway, which is a as bold as some of the innovation within the shoe. The sole for example is intended to mimic a cat's foot which as it moves has pads that spread out and contract to offer cushioning. The human foot of course doesn't have pads but Puma have designed built a shoe that mimics this action with Expansion Pods on the sole with the unique Mobium Band that winds its way through the outsole of the shoe in a figure of eight pattern to enhance the foot’s natural spring.
The next thing you notice is the fit - these are super comfortable, in fact I can't remember the last shoe that felt this good to put on.
In terms of wear, they do take some getting used to as a running shoe as your foot learns to adapt, and in terms of a lifestyle shoe I'm sure they will appeal to many who can wear the bright colour on the street.
Overall, a nice shoe - not too expensive and a valid entry in the deconstructed world of running footwear that is so hot right now.

Thanks to Puma Asia/Pacific and Sweaty Betty PR

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